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This year, GEC helped the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa bring the dream of education to 59 young girls as they opened the Kitenga School for Girls, an inspiring, life-changing place where girls can learn, dream and grow.

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Our Vision


Our goal is to equip girls in developing countries to transcend their circumstances, realize their fullest potential and become catalysts for change in their communities.

One girl can make a difference for herself, her community and the whole world.  She just needs to be given a chance.

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What was your dream at 13?

Did you want to be a teacher? A musician? Or maybe a nurse? We want to hear your story!

There are hundred of thousands more girls with dreams like Leah, waiting for their chance. Sign up to fundraise for GEC and share with us, your family and friends what your dream was at 13-years-old. Every dollar you raise will help girls around the world get one step closer to reaching their dreams! #mydreamat13

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Leah’s dream is to be an oncologist.

What is GEC?

Girls Education Collaborative (GEC), a Buffalo-based nonprofit, works to equip girls in developing countries to transcend their circumstances, realize their fullest potential and become catalysts for change. GEC supports education-centered, community-driven initiatives in underserved rural areas of developing countries, bringing resources, expertise and thought partners to help communities realize the vision they have for their future.

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Our First Project

In early 2017, The Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa, in partnership with GEC, welcomed 59 girls from a variety of backgrounds, tribes, locations and educational experiences to the Kitenga School for Girls. The Sister’s long-held vision was to open a school for girls who face a lifetime of generational poverty, who might otherwise be sold into marriage for the price of a cow, and have to forgo school to take care of their homes or siblings. The School is GEC’s first partnership aimed at empowering girls and giving them the opportunity to realize their full potential. The school will double enrollment for the new school year in January 2018, bringing up to 120 girls to Kitenga. The school hopes to be at full enrollment within five years so 400 more deserving girls can reap the benfits of a quality, holistic and safe education at Kitenga.

The Reality

More than 120 million girls are currently not in school.

Every day, more than 41,000 girls marry before the age of 18.

It is estimated that 3 million women and girls are forced to undergo FGM (female genital mutilation) every year.

But, with Education…

12 years of education for every girl would result in a 64% drop in child marriage.

12 years of education for every girl would cause frequency of early birth to drop by 59%

12 years of education for every girl would cause the frequency of child deaths to decrease by 49%.

  • An extra year of secondary school for a girl can increase her lifetime earnings by 15-25% 25%
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